Dec 31, 2012

Recently I have been fascinated by the beauty of our inner bodies seen in micro-scopic photographs.  This is my painting of calcium ions flooding a neuron.  I couldn't get the lines small enough with a liner brush.  Dragging a thread through liquid paint and dragging or dropping it on the canvas worked for me.

Dec 30, 2012

I am finally back to painting and posting again since the illness and death of my husband.  Painting was my escape while he was ill, and my solace now.  He was so patient and understanding when I took time to paint and encouraged me.

I continue to be interested in all genres.  We had a lecture on Vincent van Gogh and were encouraged to try his technique copying one of his paintings.  I found it very difficult to do the many short brush strokes. That means I have finally loosened up my painting and use my brush freely!  The above is my result.  I was relieved to go back to my style.
"Kansas Sunset" acrylic on stretched canvas 12"x12"

Sep 15, 2012

Mary LaForge Russell is a talented folk-artist and calligrapher. Check her out on Facebook.  Here are some examples of her work.

Aug 7, 2012


Inspired by all the political ads, I posed ravens in a voting circle and let them have at it. It is acrylic on wrapped canvas, 12" x24". (sold)

Jun 13, 2012

Unexpected stop!

On my way from the art room to my apartment the receptionist asked to see my latest paintings (Sang-Froid and Maroon Sunset).  She bought Sang-Froid on the spot.  I put a hanger on it and delivered it to her before her shift ended.
Due to the death of my husband, this blog has been on hold.  I just recently started painting again.  It is such a release and joy to be back at the easel.

Jan 17, 2012

Fragile Art

I have been taking another sculpture class with Professor John Wilson.  I did a life sized model of my Rat Terrier, Max.  He has tiny legs and three broke before firing.  Then I did a small reclining nude and her one inch long foot broke.  I fired her anyway and will try epoxy to fix it.

To relax after the stress of fragile clay I painted an abstract.  Any suggestions for names?

Another way I relax is to paint flowers.  This one was fun.