Oct 7, 2010

Painting Pause

It just irks me to have tasks interfere with painting time, but being a grown up means being responsible.  My storage cage here at the wrinkle-ranch is overflowing with paintings. (Daily painting=at least 300 a year!)  I have been sorting into piles of "sell", "paint-over", and "rotate-to-apartment-wall". That means at least a day away from the easel.

Part of the time I will be paused is my predilection for trying something new.  I found I liked french-fried grass hoppers during a visit to Oaxaca, Mexico. (Hint, pull the legs off first, they get between your teeth otherwise.) Living in Boulder lets me occasionally interact with Colorado University faculty.   John Wilson, professor emeritus of sculpture, recently moved into our facility and he is offering a 2 hour per week 10 week class with a live model. How generous is that?  John shares my sense of humor so it should be lots of fun,  He has a parrot that often yells "help" and had to put a sign on his door saying he was in no danger after his elderly neighbors called our emergency number.

Oct 3, 2010

Painting All Day

Wow!  I usually paint until 1pm and then rest.  Besides transforming the Hated Painting into "Circus Elephant"  I accepted the challenge of the Cayspso Moon Artist Movement, hosted by Alice Thompson.  Each month a challenge is offered that tends to stretch our talents and help us to introduce new methods and ideas into our art.  This month is a double challenge.  The first is a Halloween theme, and the second is to do a painting without using a brush.  Paint was flying and I didn't want to stop.

The October theme was a no-brainer, but the no-brush painting was a test of ingenuity.  I ended up painting with my fingers, cotton swabs cut on an angle, and dental floss.  I am waiting on permission from the photographer before I publish that one.  The skull is the entry for Halloween.