Jun 24, 2011

Glazing is like glaciers used to be. Slow!

I have learned patience taking care of my husband who has Parkinson's Disease, but it hasn't translated to my painting.  I am glazing every day on the griseille poppy but the transition to my planned colors is achingly slow.  Another lesson in patience, Marilyn.

Luckily I have some other pieces to work on while poppy dries.   I have an abstract with pastel colors that I blotted with cheesecloth and then spread the multi-colored cheesecloth over the entire canvas.  I let that dry and then put an intermediate clear polymer coat over that until I decide what to do next.

My most popular painting (Snow Horses) from my show has garnered a request for one similar. I have never tried that, but why not?  Of course not exactly like it, although I retain the rights, but similar in mood.

And, the two canvases previously coated with gold foil and then polymer coated are dry so they are ready for the muse to arrive.

Jun 20, 2011

Will I live long enough?

I bought some exciting textured cardboard and strangely patterned paper to use in collages.  I hope I live long enough to try all the things that interest me!

The grisaille is coming ok but is a study in patience waiting for each glaze coat to dry. I am pretty sure it will be worth it.

While I was waiting for drying I did another miniature landscape and a tongue-in- cheek type painting of a llama.  The miniatures in my show are still selling well.  I won't get rich from them but it helps buy supplies!