Jun 9, 2011

A new beginning.

Life sometimes causes the making of art to take a breather.  I have been caring for my ill husband and preparing for my first show at the same time.  The show was yesterday.  The affirmations are encouraging and sometimes funny.  A dear elderly friend said with the best of intentions, "Some of your paintings are REALLY good."  The guests around her laughed but she was oblivious.  I sold 10 out of the 62 so I was thrilled.

The tiny paintings (2x3) were popular so I will do more of those.  I have done them when traveling as they are portable.

I also showed my three sculptures.  The anatomically correct male torso had a leather loin cloth over his privates as a joke.  I left a card underneath saying, "Trust me, they are there, do not touch." Most of the men looked.

The Frida Kahlo altered post-card book garnered the most comments and the most laughs.  I had created cut-outs that could be folded back to reveal another face or animal.

This July I am going to Carol Nelson's workshop in Idaho Springs.  With a handicapped husband, I am reluctant to leave him for very long and this is only a one hour drive.  I love her work and am thrilled that it is possible for me to go.