Aug 8, 2013

Working up to DARING COLOR...

My dreamy state going to sleep gave me an idea for a painting.  I finished it and decided it was boring.

After the color workshop I have been trying to be more daring in my use of color.  I worked on the boring painting some more and this is the result.  Still not as daring as I hoped, but it is a start.

What to do with a failed painting?

I had this painting that took more hours than it should so I was loathe to just gesso it. After adding a few bars of tape and a sewing curve guide, I painted over it
and I was happy.  It is now hanging in the Activities Office here at the Wrinkle Ranch.
I attended an excellent and rewarding workshop on color taught by Ken Elliott and Casey Klahn.  Here is one of the exercises we were assigned.  We watched a 45 second video of canola fields in bloom.  We were to choose a scene from the video and paint it.  Ken likes to use the square format and some of us were working on the suggested 30"x30" size.