Sep 9, 2011

More Tiny Abstracts

 I put cad. red, cad. yellow and primary blue on my palette along side white, gray and black.  Then I set my page that was gridded to 2" squares on the easel.  Had some space left over so I did some 2"x 3"s.  The morning just whizzed by!

 I'm ready to try a big abstract now.  By big I mean no larger than16"x20".  My last large paintings were 30" x 40 ".  Where the heck can I store them?  These little ones I have been practicing with are easy to store.  My daughter suggested grouping them in threes.  The white mats around them really make them pop.  Look at the miniature page and email me which one you think should be 16"x 20" and which three should be in a group of little black frames.

Sep 4, 2011

An abstract view of a poppy field

Brian Ryder says this second of my studies like his work is an abstract view of a poppy field near his home.  Watching his free video helped me see how to change a regular landscape into colors and shapes.  I am still trying different styles to broaden my perspective and, of course, to have fun.  Newsweek quotes de Kooning as saying "Style is a fraud...(in art) one idea is as good as another."  That is what I keep telling myself as I look at wildly different art works.