Jul 4, 2011

"You've come a little way, baby!"

Today I dug through old paintings from three years ago and was appalled at my technique and choice of colors.  I put an isolation coat on all of them in preparation for new gesso.  Recycle!  I think all my reading and watching free videos on line has had a good effect.  I seldom get disgusted with a painting anymore.  Lots of good advice is available free out there.  Jerry's Artarama has good free videos.  Wet Canvas lets one get questions answered from another artist.

I finished the all white flower arrangement for our daughter, Martha.  That was hard to keep it from being boring.  One needs a LITTLE color.  Thank God for shadows, stamens and pistils.

Jul 3, 2011

It's a good thing..

It's a good thing one can paint over glazing.  The last coat on the poppy was yellow and changed the whole idea.  A couple more coats of pyrrole red and I hope that brings me to where I can begin finishing touches.