Aug 6, 2011

Wedding picture hiccup

The collage that will eventually have dandelions above the raffia hit a snag.  At my favorite art supply store they had no Tyvek, but convinced me to buy Lutradur instead. That stuff soaks up acrylic like a sponge.  I managed to get it painted the several shades of yellow that I had planned but needed gel extenders to get it to flow instead of immediately soaking through it.  I am glad I put a plastic shower curtain on the table first.  Back to Tyvek from now on.

I used the same shower curtain when I sprayed the raffia green.  It now needs some real brush painting to enhance the hillside look.

Aug 4, 2011

Raffia curiosity

I am working on a large piece to go over a queen sized bed.  It will have to have dandelions in it per request.  I am doing part painting and part collage. The hillside in the foreground has tan raffia glued to it that I plan to spray paint many shades of green.  It resides in the art room drying rack between work periods and has attracted many questions.  "What is she THINKING!"  "What on earth is that stuff?"  I plan to make the dandelions out of painted Tyvek with many layers to the flowers.  There will be two 3-dimensional ones and many painted in.  Pictures will be showing up here soon.

Aug 2, 2011

Painting outfits

Diane Hoeptner started an amusing conversation in her blog about painting clothes.  My wardrobe comes from Goodwill.  I love being able to wipe my hands or brush on my clothes if I can't reach the paint rag. Since I paint only in the mornings when a caregiver is here for my handicapped husband I put on the paint clothes (usually surgical scrubs) when I get up.  I often drop by the snack bar here at the Wrinkle Ranch (Frasier Meadows Retirement Center) to grab lunch before heading back to our apartment.  Most of the residents know about my avocation but some eyes widen in astonishment. Afternoons and evenings I look just like the other people who live here.

Aug 1, 2011

The end of the show.

My one-woman show ended yesterday and as I was putting paintings away I ran across this one, Butterfly Garden,  in the closet that I had forgotten.   Some of my old paintings embarrass me, but this one I like.