Nov 5, 2010

ADLs (Activities of Daily Living) Interfere with Painting Time. GRRR

It has been one of those weeks each of you has had at some time--car trouble, tooth trouble, friends sick, funerals!  If I didn't love the people involved I might be resentful.  But I am grateful that I have a community that acts like a community should.  I haven't had time to paint for 7 days.

I did manage to make it to my sculpture class.  I was embarrassed at how awful my "head"  looked when I unwrapped it.  I even decided not to show it full-face on this blog.  Our teacher said all our head's eyes looked like they had worms in them and he was right!   I forgot my anatomy.  An eyeball is round.  It is just tucked into the head a lot. And the eyelid that covers a round eyeball must be round as well.  Missing that part is what made it look like worms. 

We have learned much in 10 hours, but teacher predicts we will need at least 10 more before we can quit and let the  clay dry.  It is fun to get lost in the process.  I wasn't sure it would work for me like painting, but it does.  Painting is more rewarding, faster, though.

Nov 1, 2010

Back in the Saddle Again!

I hadn't realized how much I use my computer until it had to go to Apple Hospital for a week.  Then some weird virus hit my body and I spent two days in bed.  I do much of my art composition in my head as I drift off to sleep so I am now full of ideas.

The first is a mixed media pop-art style with my favorite colors.  I am trying some picture transfers on it using glazing material.  Since it is unlikely to be requested by the Louvre, it is on a failed 24x30 canvas. It includes DNA, sperm, a human egg, and a baby's footprint and hand print (the two latter are the transfers).

My sculpture class continues to fascinate me.  The virus made me miss one session.  Yesterday during class a nearby elementary school had their Halloween costumed pupils walk through our building.  Besides being adorable, I was pleased by their remarks.  One little boy solemnly studied my clay head and said "That looks like a real human nose!"  We have seven more weeks of instruction.  Our teacher says after this class we will find sculpting a human head easy. Hah!  (He has been at it for forty years.)