Sep 4, 2013

And now for something completely different...

"Pink Nude" 16"x20"

The First Version of Loch

Some of my friends asked to be able to see the process a painting of mine goes through until it is done.  After it is finished, I wait a few days while it is drying to evaluate it upside down and in a mirror.  I often see ways to improve the color or composition.  Then it has to dry again!  Finally I sign it front and back and name it.

The Second Version of Loch

The Third Version of Loch

The Fourth Version of Loch

The fifth version of "Loch"

The Process

Here is the final version of the 30"x30" "Loch Simplified". This was started at a workshop taught by Ken Elliott and Casey Klahn.  My goal was to use brighter colors than I usually choose.
My cousin, Sue, found this 36"x48"canvas in a dumpster.  It was covered in oil cloth (?) that had a painting on it.  We stripped the oil cloth off and I gave the canvas a few coats of gesso.  The rescued support is now "Rainbow Fog".  Thank you, Sue!  Nothing like a free canvas to get the paint flowing.  The best times to get inexpensive large canvases is when the CU art students leave.  They ditch the paintings they can't ship or carry at the thrift stores.

Totally abstract...again.

I am not totally satisfied with this "Core Portal" (16"x20") except I just wanted to use these colors today. It felt good.  I can gesso it at some point and do something else.