Feb 3, 2013

Art on drugs?

I fell off a ladder and broke a rib and a vertebrae.  After I could move, thanks to pain medicine and muscle relaxants, I started painting again.  I wonder if I will look at them differently when I am healed and taking no medicine.

Here is one painting with a very simple title: "Fish Pond".  Brain doesn't want to work hard on words.  It is 12"x24" on wrapped canvas, acrylic.

The other painting done this week is "Bird Beach". Naturally, a beach seen by a bird. Bombs away! 11"x14" on canvas panel, acrylic.

I am going to try Yupo again this week.  My first try was disappointing as the paint slid every which way.  Maybe I should just let it do its thing?

I had lots of fun doing Swamp Magic with the gold leaf.  I am going to try another painting with gold leaf as an under coat and paint over parts of it.  Stay tuned.