Nov 1, 2010

Back in the Saddle Again!

I hadn't realized how much I use my computer until it had to go to Apple Hospital for a week.  Then some weird virus hit my body and I spent two days in bed.  I do much of my art composition in my head as I drift off to sleep so I am now full of ideas.

The first is a mixed media pop-art style with my favorite colors.  I am trying some picture transfers on it using glazing material.  Since it is unlikely to be requested by the Louvre, it is on a failed 24x30 canvas. It includes DNA, sperm, a human egg, and a baby's footprint and hand print (the two latter are the transfers).

My sculpture class continues to fascinate me.  The virus made me miss one session.  Yesterday during class a nearby elementary school had their Halloween costumed pupils walk through our building.  Besides being adorable, I was pleased by their remarks.  One little boy solemnly studied my clay head and said "That looks like a real human nose!"  We have seven more weeks of instruction.  Our teacher says after this class we will find sculpting a human head easy. Hah!  (He has been at it for forty years.)

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