Jul 25, 2011

Up, up, and away.

We drove UP switchbacks to 10,000 feet on Squaw Mountain to Carol Nelson's workshop.  Wrenn Boulton hosted it in her fantastic home/studio.  Carol is a tiny little dynamo generously sharing her wisdom and ideas. I learned that cat litter can be used for more than one thing.  Thanks to Carol, I have the courage to do more abstracts.  Do yourself a favor and attend one of her workshops.  Besides knowledge, you will come away stimulated with new ideas and new friends.

Wrenn has the dream studio.  It is a three story home/studio that her husband, John, has built with classes in mind.  They designed it so each student work station looks out a picture window at Pikes Peak, or downtown Denver, or carpets of multi-green trees.  I included a picture of Wrenn's poppy in bloom in her deer proof (maybe?) garden.

I can't wait to go to work on Tyvek.  I also learned from Wrenn that wiping Yupo with 409 helps.  The enhancement of paintings by the use of clear epoxy is amazing.  I can hardly wait to get to my studio!

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  1. Thanks, Marilyn, for your post about the workshop. You are a delight to have in class because you "get" my humor, or attempts at such.

    I hope you continue to explore your inner child and create with mixed media abandon!

    Hugs, Carol