Sep 1, 2011

Oh, I remember now...

  Today's session in the studio reminded me why I quit oils. I hate waiting for something to dry.   I finally finished the big "Poppy" painting and felt to free to start something else.
  That said, the many days of glazing were worthwhile as the orange and yellow and red seem to glow, but I was  itching to get on with other projects.
 Yesterday I did four 5"x5" abstracts inspired by Brian Ryder's book, Beyond Realism, and today, after photographing the Poppy, I started a larger abstract.
 When I got back to the apartment and hooked up the camera to the computer, there was the nipple of my power chair very prominently in the lower left. (Yes, that is what that is, and yes, it is called a nipple).  Sigh!  To get the best light in the studio I have to prop a painting on a chair and lean it against a bookcase.  I'll do a permanent photo tomorrow and send that photo to Bart De Laeder whose work inspired "Poppy".
  The picture on the right is one of the abstracts from last week when I was procrastinating.

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