Oct 1, 2011

Don't go viral...

Going viral is supposed to be a good thing but it isn't when it is really a virus.  One put a hold on my painting for a few days but at least all the tests that were done added up to a full physical.  All I need now is the mammogram.  No need to rush for that, right?

I have finished some  projects that were partly done, "Joseph's Coat" and "Oriental Pagoda" are the latest in my non-realistic efforts.  I am getting more and more comfortable with abstracts but find I really prefer impressionism.  It is nice to have someone's brain fill in the gaps in the painting rather than being a realist.  I am currently working on a field of iris.

My sculpting teacher, John Wilson,  is having a show right now and I appreciate his sense of humor even more now that I have seen his portfolio.  I will try to post a picture of some of his work.

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