Sep 22, 2010

Fielding Questions

To answer some queries, here goes.  I paint with acrylics and use water soluble pencils for the preliminary sketches. I like short brushes and can't get along without cotton tipped applicators.   I have a familial tremor that exhibits itself in a head tic  (plays H--- with doing a self-portrait by mirror) and an intention-tremor.  That diagnosis means the harder I grip something the more my hand shakes (used to scare the bejusus out of patients when I came at them with a syringe to draw their blood.)   When I make a little mistake painting I dip a cotton swab in soapy water and remove it.  When I make a big mistake I get out the gesso.  My grand daughter, Ginny, mimics my tremor so perfectly it cracks me up every time.

I get up at 7AM if Max, the 7 lb. junk-yard dog, lets us sleep that long.  I feed Max and the two sibling cats (Xen=Siamese, Noir=black).  My husband's caregiver arrives at 7:30AM so I can paint until 1pm.  I carry my chocolate milk/coffee drink and whatever my breakfast is to the computer and answer email. Then I apply Glove in a Bottle to my hands and don nitrile gloves. I have clothes I only wear when painting.  My favorite is a wholy, huge, soft navy tee shirt and baggy rayon pants.   I try to paint daily.
Some days I take a deep breath and try again to do an abstract.

I have a coyote skull I have planned to decorate.  Today instead I painted a canvas of it, "Coyote".  Someday I will tackle the skull itself.  Bone, skeletons and skulls fascinate me, so our trips to Mexico usually included the purchase of something to do with Day  of the Dead.

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