Oct 10, 2010

Painting Again

During my painting recess I received two comments on my paintings from other artists.  It provided such a moral booster I am resolved to write my thoughts to creators when I admire their work.

Today I tackled the second part of the Calypso Movement challenge, to create a painting without a brush.  The good part is=no brushes to clean!  It was hard to do for me.  I really missed my brushes. Besides these restrictions I have a familial tremor where the tighter I hold an object, the more I shake.   I used many, many cotton-tipped swabs, my fingers, toothpicks and a medical syringe. (I am a nurse, after all.)  That was a disaster!  By the time I got the syringe loaded by squirting paint from the tube, the part near where a needle would attach had begun to dry.  When I put pressure on the handle, it balked with the dried acrylic but gave way all at once.  Instead of a snake I had a big blob of green on her head.  I just left it.  Who knows what a ghoul has growing on her head?  It was fun letting her be ugly.

The sculpture class went wonderfully and I am thinking of posting some photos of our work.  And maybe painting the classroom set-up?

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