Oct 15, 2010

Seond Class

     I whipped the wire closure, plastic cover, and wet towel off my "head" and began to add more clay, eager to get the facial features on the "egg".  John, our teacher, said "Hold it, there is something we must all do first. When I checked your heads last week I felt some wires coming through.  If they do, your head will crack when fired and I will cry,"  He grabbed the handles of the cutting wire and did a craniotomy on my head!

     My wires WERE all awry and there were holes in my head  that would also cause it to crack (hold your remarks).  Good thing we looked.  I bent the wires inward again, picked out the dislodged scraps of newspaper (another cracker) and plopped my skull back on.  Uh, oh!  I never have learned to wait!

     John said to FIRST score the edges of the skull with a comb and then wet the patterns with water before putting the skull back together.  I had a h----of a time getting the skull back off.  Had to cut it off again. And the comb gets full of clay very quickly so it has to be washed several times before the job is done. I wanted to get to work on the chin!

     Skull back on, it was satisfying to make the egg look more human.  It didn't look like our model yet, but this is the second week of a 10 week class.  There is still a possibility of success. 

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