Aug 10, 2011

Hooray for Halloween

The Halloween webbing you buy in a package turned out to be just what I wanted to cover the styrofoam ball with toothpicks in it.  I think it looks like a dandelion in seed.  It was harder to make the stuff stick to the canvas for individual seeds, but medium did the trick.  Now to let it dry.  Then varnish.  How on earth will I wrap it and transport it 20 miles to the wedding?  One day at a time...On sheepish note, while I was buying the webbing I noticed packages of raffia already painted green.

Now I can get back to the huge poppy painting.  I did a little work on it while waiting for the dandelion "seeds'" medium to set.  Tiny yellow gravel should work for the pollen in the center.

Also waiting is a board I removed from a gilded frame that Helen Davis found for me in our surplus store.  The frame is perfect and is large.  She paid $15 for it!  I used Gac100 and gesso on the board since it had a print of a landscape on it.  Wonderland Lake here in Boulder is a beautiful setting with the mountains in the distance.  I think that would be an appropriate landscape for that frame.  Thank you, Helen.

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